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Five Reasons Why Backyard Water Features Are Worth It

Five Reasons Why Backyard Water Features Are Worth It

Read on for a few of the top reasons why backyard water features are worth it

There’s nothing like a water feature to create serenity and beauty in your outdoor spaces. Whether you are considering a garden fountain or birdbath, or you dream of creating an idyllic slice of nature in your yard with a waterfall, rock pond, or stream, there are many compelling reasons why backyard water features are worth it. Ed Castro Landscape creates breathtaking gardens and exceptional outdoor living spaces through the art of sustainable landscape design. As an award-winning design/build firm, we present the finest artisans, craftsmen, and unique materials to create lush gardens and spectacular hardscapes for a wide variety of clients and budgets.

Reasons why backyard water features are worth it

If you are considering reasons why backyard water features are worth it, we lay out our top five here. For minimal upkeep and long-lasting enjoyment, nothing quite compares to a water feature, especially when it comes to creating a landscape that supports our well-being.

1. Curb Appeal

Let’s start with making an impression. A well-designed water feature that complements the landscape and architecture of your home will enhance the beauty of your property.

The right water feature for your landscape can be a real head-turner that makes your home stand out from the rest.

However, if you’d rather not place your water feature front and center, a backyard water feature can be a special experience for you and your trusted visitors to enjoy.

2. Invitation to Linger

There’s something about water features that draw you in and invite you to stay. It may be the aesthetics of the feature itself that demands appreciation or the clean, clear water rippling in its own inviting way.

Installing a water feature will give you a place to gather with loved ones and friends to appreciate the visual and emotional effects. Water features also create a focal point for entertaining guests or hosting events. Additionally, they make for a quiet spot watch the birds.

3. Focal Point

The right water feature makes an ideal focal point for your backyard landscaping. One of the reasons why backyard water features are worth it is because of the way they can anchor the landscape. A true centerpiece, water features can be a focal point on your patio, in your yard, or in your garden.

4. Attract Wildlife

One of the less-considered reasons why backyard water features are worth it may be the woodland visitors that it attracts.

If you love watching birds, installing a water feature can be the perfect way to attract them to your landscape.

Likewise, the right rocky woodland pool can be a place for fish, frogs, and aquatic life to call home among the lilies and other attractive water plants.

5. Tranquility

Moving, flowing water has a naturally relaxing effect on us. There’s simply nothing that compares to a burbling fountain or gently cascading waterfall. When it comes to landscaping features that can bring you actual serenity, water features take the cake.

Plus, the gentle sound of flowing water can block out unwanted noises from a bustling neighborhood or busy street. Create a true oasis in your backyard where you can shut out the world.

This is what makes water features such an idyllic choice for any landscape. No matter what style or type of feature, the water will benefit your peace of mind just by spending time nearby.

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