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For Irrigation System Repair Atlanta Can Rely On, Meet ECL

For Irrigation System Repair Atlanta Can Rely On, Meet ECL

When it’s time for irrigation system repair Atlanta homeowners should turn to a firm with the environment – and the client – at heart

Automated watering is a great investment. It allows you to maintain robust and beautiful landscaping with minimal effort and saves time, money, and water. While routine maintenance will generally keep your system running effectively throughout the year, sometimes things go wrong. When you need irrigation system repair Atlanta turns to the award-winning professionals at Ed Castro Landscape.

ECL offers irrigation system repair and maintenance and water management among our comprehensive landscaping services. Read on to learn why it makes a difference to put your automated watering system into the hands of a firm with the environment – and the client – at heart.

When you need irrigation system repair Atlanta can rely on ECL. Get in touch with us online today or call (770) 998-8444.

Why irrigation systems work

Effectively watering your lawn and gardens by hand is time-consuming work and often leads to either inadequate watering or overwatering, not to mention wasted water.  Trying to get it just right means watering the correct amount for the season, the weather conditions, the right time of day, the needs of the plant, and the specific growing conditions of your property. The good news is that irrigation systems can help save you time, money, and water – and give you peace of mind.

Proper watering has a big impact on the health and appearance of your plants. Automated watering can be fine-tuned to ensure proper water pressure to avoid waste and runoff.

Plus, you can schedule when your landscape will be watered for a specified duration of time. This means that your plants and grass will never lack water, even if you are not at home. You can “set it and forget it.”

Yet you need to be sure your equipment is in good shape and that you adjust your schedule properly as seasons and weather change.

Maintenance matters

Your landscape’s needs change with the seasons. To save water and avoid wasted resources and money, schedule irrigation maintenance throughout the year.

Generally, irrigation system maintenance means you can rest assured that the professionals are checking spray heads and lines for leaks and buildup, and making sure sprinkler heads are angled for proper watering of your growing plants. System maintenance is an important part of effective watering for your landscaping.

Sometimes, things go wrong. So who do you turn to for irrigation system repair?

For irrigation system repair Atlanta can rely on ECL

It’s not uncommon for spray heads to become clogged by tiny particles of dirt. Plus, landscapes evolve and sprinklers may get obstructed by plant growth over time, leading to less effective watering. You may need simple repairs or an overall adjustment to your irrigation system so it can work with your growing landscaping.

If you notice water running off onto pathways or driveways, your soil may have reached its absorption capacity. You want your irrigation system to always apply the right amount of water to the right areas at the right time. This is another time to call upon the professionals for irrigation system repair.

ECL is Atlanta’s award-winning design/build landscape firm dedicated to environmental stewardship and community values. With our expert horticultural knowledge and dedication to sustainable environmental design, we will approach your automated water system maintenance and repair as part of a larger picture, beyond mechanics. Wasted water doesn’t just hurt your wallet – it’s bad for the planet. And runoff can damage the health of your soil over time.

ECL creates outdoor spaces for a wide variety of clients and budgets. We also offer maintenance and enhancement services. For irrigation system repair Atlanta can rely on Ed Castro Landscape to bring the best in service, integrity, and environmental stewardship to the job.

 Get in touch with us online or call (770) 998-8444.

Photo by Kseniia Ilinykh on Unsplash