Laura Turner Seydel, international environmental advocate and eco-living expert, tapped landscape designer Ed Castro and his team to help complete the vision of her home, Eco Manor.

The Property

The first LEED-certified-Gold residence in the Southeast, EcoManor was conceptualized by Laura and Rutherford. For Laura’s ‘green’ landscape vision, the couple enlisted the help of Rutherford’s college friend Ed Castro, who became a key part of Laura’s environmental dream team.

  • LEED-Certified – Eco Manor is the first LEED-certified-Gold residence in the Southeast.
  • Natural Irrigation – Harvesting and irrigation systems to reduce water consumption.
  • Trees & Softscape – Planting of native trees, shrubs and flowers.

Special Focus

Inspired by the best practices in the environmental world and with Laura leading the way, Ed created an efficient, low-maintenance, eco-driven design. He worked his magic by incorporating water harvesting, irrigation systems, seasonal bursts of color, flowering plants, native trees, shrubs and even a wildlife sanctuary certified by National Wildlife Federation. Wildlife, including honey bees and butterflies, are drawn to the native flowers laden with pollen. Two kinds of clover were incorporated to honor the various species that call the Seydel’s yard home. No pest or weed chemicals are used.

“We have Laura and Rutherford Seydel to thank for raising the standards of the environmental world,” says Ed. “Laura is an authority on the topic, and we owe the Seydels a huge debt of gratitude for their ongoing leadership and dedication.”

Laura and Rutherford’s Eco-Manor philosophy teaches us to be greener. Even the birds and the bees benefit. As the Seydels and Ed Castro agree, “The best gifts of all are the ones that put Mother Nature first on your guest list!”


Georgia Landscape Awards Award of Distinction, Single-Family Residential over $100,000
NALP Environmental Improvement Distinction Award