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Spring Lawn Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide

Spring Lawn Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide

Prep your lawn for the warmer weather with a spring lawn maintenance plan!

Springtime is finally arriving, so it’s time to prepare your lawn for warmer weather. How should you prep your lawn for spring, anyway? Here are the spring lawn maintenance basics to keep your yard looking fresh year-round.

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What to include in a spring lawn maintenance plan?

The first step is to develop a plan for lawn maintenance this spring. This should include checking your mower and other equipment to ensure they’re in good shape and ready for use. Once you have a plan, you can move on to ensure your lawn is healthy and vibrant come summertime.


It may seem obvious, but mowing is essential to maintain a healthy lawn. Most grasses begin growing in early spring and become unwieldy if not cared for properly. Here are a few mowing tips for proper lawn maintenance.

  1. Let a new lawn grow. After spreading new grass seed, it’s best to wait until the grass reaches mowing height based on your grass type; even then, you should remove only one-third of the grass blades at once on the first mow. A sizeable first cut can shock your new grass and stunt its growth.
  2. Never mow a wet lawn. Not only is a damp lawn a recipe for an uneven mow, but wet trimmings can also wreak havoc on your mower. It’s best to wait until the rain has passed and the morning dew has settled before mowing.
  3. Reduce lawn height by one-third. Letting the blades grow longer may mean you have to mow more frequently, but it’s excellent for the health of most grass types. If you aren’t sure what kind of mower height to use for your grass type, Ed Castro can help.
  4. Opt to compost or spread clippings. If you regularly cut your grass, it is acceptable, even healthy, to leave grass clippings strewn about the lawn. In the summer months, the clippings help your lawn retain moisture.


Fertilizing should be done once every six weeks, starting in late spring when temperatures become warm enough for grass growth. The best fertilizer will depend on the type of grass you have, so check with your local nursery for advice on what kind is best for you and how much you need to apply. Remember that fertilizers generally contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – all critical components for keeping your lawn green and healthy throughout the season!

Weed Control

Weeds can take over a yard fast if not appropriately controlled, so keeping them at bay during spring lawn maintenance is essential. You can start by pulling stubborn weeds out by hand or using an herbicide sprayer on stubborn patches of weeds. For larger areas, consider applying a weed killer, effective against most common weeds without harming desirable plants or grasses in your yard.

Taking spring lawn maintenance seriously is crucial to keep your yard looking its best all summer. Make sure you mow regularly and take special care to cut at the correct height for your grass type. If you’ve got a newly seeded lawn, be careful not to cut it too soon, or you’ll risk shocking the grass and preventing further growth. You should also fertilize your lawn and control weeds so they don’t take over. Follow these tips to ensure your yard looks lush and green throughout the season!

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