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For a Tree Care Company Atlanta Can Trust, Meet ECL

For a Tree Care Company Atlanta Can Trust, Meet ECL

Ed Castro Landscape is your tree care company Atlanta. Here’s what you need to know.

The trees and shrubs in your landscape are an investment that must be protected. From seedlings to shade trees, the plants on your property bring beauty to your home and pleasure to your eye. That’s why it’s so important to have a company you can depend on to engage in all aspects of their care. For a tree care company Atlanta can rely on, meet Ed Castro Landscape. ECL is an award-winning design/build landscape firm dedicated to environmental stewardship and community values. We create outdoor spaces for a wide variety of clients and budgets. We also offer enhancement and maintenance services, including expert tree and shrub care.

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Pruning considerations

When homeowners think about tree care, the first thing that comes to mind is often pruning. Trees and shrubs can quickly become unruly and unsightly without the proper maintenance, and large trees must sometimes be limbed to keep your home and other structures safe from storm damage.

Pruning your trees and shrubs can happen throughout the year, depending on the type of plant. In fact, with the right tools, you can take dead branches off established plants any time of the year. But while pruning has tremendous benefits for your trees and shrubs, you should be sure that your tools are the correct ones for the job, sharpened and properly used, or the tree could be damaged.

Partnering with the right tree care company Atlanta homeowners can rest assured that precision tools wielded by expert hands will do no harm to their trees and shrubs.

Additionally, while truly dead limbs can come off anytime, pruning green branches at the wrong time can cause damage, weaken, or spread disease to your trees and shrubs instead of strengthening them and stimulating growth.

Your expert tree care company, ECL is dedicated to efficiently building a beautiful, healthy Atlanta and that includes your trees and shrubs. You can rely on our professional team to know about your plants from root to tip and to care for them appropriately and expertly.

Landscape Management from ECL

ECL is more than your tree care company Atlanta. We offer expert landscape management services in addition to tree and shrub care, and always have environmental stewardship and sustainable practices at heart. We seek to reduce challenging impacts on the environment and positively influence the health and comfort of your personal space.

Your landscape is an integral part of your experience of home. Partner with ECL for services including:

  • Turf Grass Management
  • Technical Pruning and Renovation
  • Mulching and Bed Enhancements
  • Water Management
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Irrigation Repair and Maintenance
  • Seasonal Color Enhancements

We will ensure that your property is a beautiful investment that continues its returns year after year.

ECL is your tree care company Atlanta

Fall and winter are great times to bring in landscaping professionals to tackle your tree care, from pruning to fertilization, and more. While trees are dormant there is expert care that can go into a vibrant spring ahead.

No matter the time of year, call ECL for your gardening and landscaping needs and enjoy the beautiful results.

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